A Guide to Buying Property on Nevis

  •  Buying Real Estate on Nevis  •  28 June 2015

Buying real estate at Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis

The increasingly accessible gem that is Nevis has lured inquisitive wanderers since the early 1600s, with travellers, speculators and settlers being drawn to the palm-fringed island that descends from a mysterious crown of clouds.

The properties being developed at Four Seasons Resort Estates are some of the finest on Nevis, their dramatic architectural features being complimented by the high levels of service and management that have come to be associated with the brand. While some of the villas have been designed with the traditional charm of West Indies Gingerbread styling, others are sleek and contemporary homes with modern living in mind.

There are homes for sale across the island, with everything from former plantation houses set high on the slopes of Nevis peak, to colonial-era apartments in the heart of Charlestown’s hustle and bustle. The Four Seasons provides luxury real estate possibilities, with purchasers able to choose from pre-owned homes that blend lush landscaping with swimming pools and expansive verandahs, or alternatively buyers work with personal interior and landscape designers to develop a custom home on an acre of land. Views to the sea and of the quietly calming Peak are the inevitable companions of any creation.

Buy properties on Nevis | Caribbean | Four Seasons Resort Estates
Villa 1725 – Sugarbird


With such tantalising options, it is fortunate that the path to buying property on Nevis is a relatively simple process. Once a villa or plot of land is identified, Four Seasons Real Estate brokers will begin the process of submitting an offer. Upon acceptance, a deposit amounting to 10% of the purchase price is customary to enter into a contract with the seller. The real estate broker guides the process while licensed attorneys conduct the formalities of the transaction and often acting as an escrow agent.

There are standard Purchase and Sale Agreement forms available at the Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis, but it is advisable to use a local attorney to draft and edit the final agreement. Once the buyer and seller agree terms and the attorneys finalise the specifics of the contract, documents are signed by both parties and escrow money is typically transferred to the seller’s attorney.

Formalities of the buying process for non-citizens include applying for an Alien Land Holding License at a cost of approximately US$372. Alien Land Holding Licenses are approved by the Nevis Island Administration within two to four weeks. Buyers of real estate at Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis are not required to pay the additional 10% license fee that is typically charged; the fee is based on either the purchase price or the value of the property (whichever is greater).

Buying Property on Nevis | Caribbean | Four Seasons Resort Estates
Villa 2001 – Pinney’s Beach


Additional fees due at closing include the Government Assurance Fund at 0.2% of the purchase price. Furthermore, a licensed surveyor generates a new survey that will become a part of the Certificate of Title to be filed with the Registrar’s Office here on Nevis. Surveys cost in the region of $2,000.

Stamp duty is payable on every real estate transaction, and buyers at Four Seasons are given special considerations not adopted elsewhere on the island. New construction is levied at 6%, excluding furnishings and landscaping. Resale homes are levied a rate of 10%, with the amount split equally between buyer and seller – another special accommodation not found outside Four Seasons.

Finalising the transfer of ownership, Stamp Duty is paid to the Registry office;  a Memorandum of Transfer outlining the terms of the property transfer along with two copies of the Certificate of Title are also necessary.  The Certificates of Title are signed and officially recorded, with one being returned to the homeowner as evidence of purchase while the other remains on file at the Registry office.

All homeowners are required to join the Resort Club through a $100,000 initiation fee. Some re-sale homes have been granted an exemption from the initiation fee to the first-subsequent buyer. Specific properties can be identified by a sales agent.

Sellers convey fee-simple title to the property subject to the covenants of Four Seasons Resort.

The advantages that come with buying a home on the resort are a significant lure for many of our clients: unfettered access to a superb 18-hole golf course; a weekly Homecare Service that ensures each home is cleaned and maintained whether owners are in residence or overseas; a dedicated Villa Manager assigned to each home, and the provision of services such as private chefs and exclusive catering. Landscaping and housekeeping are part of every homeowner’s annual maintenance costs, and every home is connected to the on-demand back-up power generators servicing the community. Many homeowners rent their homes through the Four Seasons Resort, often recouping a percentage of annual operating expenses.

Buy Property on Nevis | Four Seasons Resort Estates
Villa 1726 – Hill Estate


With over 81 villas completed and more than 17 nationalities represented by Four Seasons Resort Estates homeowners, we have created a diverse, interesting and enticing community.

Buy Luxury Property on Nevis | Caribbean | Four Seasons Resort Estates
Villa 1910 – Stewart’s Estates

Nevis is a place that relies, perhaps more so than any other island in the Caribbean, on traditions and charms. The glitz and glamour of St Barths is visible on the horizon; the cruise-friendly St Kitts hovers just a few kilometres across the sea, and the hedonistic St Martin can be seen on a clear day. In the midst of all this clamouring for tourist attention, Nevis sits apart. She is an island that offers serenity and elegance, and a gentle reassurance that there are still pockets of perfection in the world. Owning a home here is a priceless investment.Complimentary Four Seasons Nevis Property Guide