February Real Estate Update

  •  On-site News  •  23 February 2015

A Letter From the Director

We hope you’re enjoying the beautiful winter season here in Nevis!

With high season in full gear, I wanted to give you an update on where we are in the sales and marketing efforts to support our valued homeowners.

One of the top priorities when I began my position in June was to activate a more strategic sales and marketing platform to better bring awareness – and most importantly, sales – to your properties. Since then, I have flown over 100,000 miles to key markets for real estate promotion, marketing opportunities, and business development. In doing so, I was able to glean new insights into what the current market looks like and garnered key results as well.

Following is a snapshot of the last six-months of activity:

  • The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis has been laser focused on the citizenship market in their promotions. As a consequence, 90% of our showings are to clients considering this option.
  • I meet regularly with the Director of the Citizenship by Investment Unit to discuss a way to market the program, as well as the Federation to a new breed of buyer. Together we are creating new cutting edge programs designed to attract buyers to Four Seasons.
  • FSRE’s partnership with the number one citizenship advisory in the business, Henley and Partners, is very strong. The result has helped us sell more existing/re-sale villas than all brokers on the island combined.
  • We all felt the pain this fall when Canada announced travel restrictions for St. Kitts and Nevis passport holders. In truth, the visa requirement is a mere formality, but its impact is certain and as a result we know that we need to reach different markets and more people.
  • This fall, we stepped up the game. 

In order to broaden our reach I met with executives from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Berkshire Hathaway, Douglas Elliman and Knight Frank. As a result, we are now partnered with Knight Frank, Douglas Elliman and their 17,000 agents.
  • At the same, we are resetting our entire marketing strategy and activation. This began with having a new resort map drawn, the creation of a TV slide show focused on sales, updated floorplans created, handouts designed, and villa descriptions enhanced for all properties listed with FSRE.
  • This activity lays the foundation for the launch of our new website including an interactive map. The new website dedicated to Four Seasons Resort Estates – Nevis will prominently feature the brand while more strategically marketing your properties and making the most of our partnership with Knight Frank and Douglas Elliman.
  • Following the launch of our new site, we have hired one of the best search engine marketing teams in real estate with a single focus in mind – your properties at Four Seasons Nevis.
  • I have personally engaged the efforts of the public relations teams representing the Island of Nevis throughout New York, Puerto Rico and London. I am frequently in communication with all, including creating special packages for journalists visiting the island.
  • Rounding out this effort, I have established open lines of communication with Four Seasons residential development marketing in Toronto and I regularly work with resort marketing out of New York.
  • We have invested heavily in new photography for ourselves and have shared all photos with the Four Seasons Nevis resort marketing team for use on their vacation rental website and marketing needs.
  • We are re-engaging the Four Seasons brand and working together with the residence team at resort level to deliver the best experience for homeowners and guests alike.

The results of these efforts are starting to bear fruit including a feature in the Financial Times this past Fall, Cape Air magazine this March and a visit from Bloomberg Markets this week.

The Stats

  • 3 villas under contract
1 homeowner owned land parcel under contract (the new land-owner is actively making plans for construction to bring yet another new home to the Resort Estates)
  • Over $40 million in active construction projects

In the past four years, FSRE & Nevis Style Realty have been responsible for 85% of all re-sale villas sold. There is no one better positioned to sell luxury real estate at Four Seasons Nevis and no other group that is more dedicated to the success of all property owners at Four Seasons Resort Estates. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to further advancing this enhanced strategic marketing platform to drive even greater results for your real estate needs. I am always available to answer questions or discuss your individual needs.

Warmest regards,


Eric Johnson 
Director – Sales & Marketing
Four Seasons Resort Estates – Nevis