How I Fell in Love With Nevis Island

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Flora and Fauna of St.Kitts and Nevis

Nevis is an island full of character, charm and personality and these are just some of the reasons that I was recently inspired to make a return visit.

My first trip to Nevis was spent appreciating the island as a place to relax and unwind. I spent many lazy days on the spectacular beaches of Nevis, enjoying the sunshine and feeling the breeze as I watched the pelicans diving for fish. I spent evenings getting to know the locals, drinking, laughing and enjoying the many bars and restaurants that make Nevis such a vibrant place to be. All of this was fantastic and I wouldn’t change my experience for the world, as sometimes in life a lazy week on the beach is just what the mind needs. From time to time though, the Indiana Jones within me just wants to grab the hiking boots and go, so I decided to make a return trip to the Caribbean island that has it all.

I knew that Nevis had the most magnificent flora and fauna, so this time round, I decided to embrace it by taking to the gloriously green, hilly terrain. I wanted to get straight to it, so on my first jetlagged day, I wolfed down my breakfast in excitement, put on my walking boots and set off on my way. You’re able to hire guides to accompany you on hikes around the island, however in this instance I chose to go it alone as I am a seasoned hiker and I figured I would break myself in gently with just a light outing. I set off into some of the hilly terrain around the foot hills of Nevis peak, hoping to encounter something special. It was during this short time spent in the great outdoors that I saw another side to the island that I hadn’t seen on my previous trip, and I truly fell in love with Nevis.

Nevis Flora and Fauna
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Flora and Fauna at Nevis Island
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Nevis is home to an abundance of wonderfully diverse plants, fruit trees, flowers and cacti, where Nevis peak itself is almost completely covered from top to bottom in this magnificent vegetation. As I strolled casually through the vegetation, I came across all manner of fruit trees brimming with treats like mangoes, papayas and breadfruit, hanging in all directions. I stopped to sample some of these typically Caribbean delights. The sheer abundance and incredible obtainability of such delicious eats struck a chord with me, as these fruits just aren’t so readily available at home, yet here they are plentiful. I envy the self-sufficient nature of Nevis Island.

Green hills at Nevis

Being tucked away from my fellow travellers and the rest of the island amongst the vast amounts of vegetation, I was able to enjoy the array of bright and colourful bougainvillea and hibiscus flowers all to myself. These were stunning and allowed for some excellent photo opportunities if like me, you enjoy capturing the moment. Everywhere I turned, there was more natural beauty to behold and it wasn’t long before I came across some unfamiliar wildlife. Nevis is teeming with wildlife, and as I turned the corner, I was met with a rather wary looking wild hog with whom I exchanged a nervous glance, before it scurried away into the trees. I loved the rustic and natural feel to Nevis, an island where wildlife is able to roam freely and man is somewhat amusingly outnumbered by the Green Vervet Monkey. My eyes were constantly distracted by boldly coloured birds as they flew playfully above my head, darting from tree to tree. Nevis is nature’s free zoo, it’s simply amazing.

The longer I spent in nature’s clutches, the more inspiring my time in Nevis became. There are so many incredible trails and tracks that veer off in all directions, ready to be explored, that days could be spent exploring this beautiful island on foot. I decided to reach higher grounds, to see if the view from above could match the beauty of the forest. As I emerged from the trees into a clearing, I could see Nevis beneath me and the view left me dumbfounded. Reminiscent of a scene from a glossy holiday brochure, the sun sparkled on the water as the waves slowly kissed the shore of Oualie Beach, Nevis captured my heart there and then.

Nevis is an island that is as beautiful from the tree line as it is from the relaxing realms of the beach. It’s the perfect destination for those who enjoy a balance between relaxation in paradise and getting down and dirty with nature. It’s natural, unspoilt beauty is second to none and that’s how I fell in love with Nevis.

Beach at Nevis

Image Source: Four Seasons Resort Estates