John Cleese chooses Nevis!

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John Cleese announces on the BBC that he is moving to Nevis

John Cleese announces on UK – BBC Newsnight his intent to move to the Island of Nevis. Speaking candidly with Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis he outlines his case for the Island of Nevis. The always colorful and entertaining John Cleese spoke highly of Nevis and frankly echoed sentiments that those of us living on Nevis know to be true.

Cleese said of Nevis: “It’s one of the nicest islands I’ve ever been on. The relationship between the races is absolutely superb. The people there are really kind.”

Cleese went on further saying “The Nevis newspaper is very good and I love it. It’s one of the nicest islands I’ve ever been on.”

Well we couldn’t be more excited that he has chosen our little slice of paradise to call home. Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis has become home to a number of families over the years. Eighty-one villas have been built within the 350 acre community. It’s an international community too, we have homeowners from over 25 different countries. Children visiting Nevis with their parents become friends with the children of other families forging lifelong friend ships.

Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis would make an excellent choice for John and his wife. The private community is patrolled 24-hours per day by security with access to the resort and residences controlled at all times. Homeowners and guests enjoy privacy and seclusion. Families feel safe knowing that Four Seasons security is always watching and monitoring. The staff at Four Seasons knows everyone.

Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis is developed by FSR Estates Ltd. As the developer of the resort community we sell custom home sites, as well our award winning Villas at Pinney’s Beach homes, three- and four-bedroom homes that make ownership easy. Buy a home off plan, fully furnished with modern windows and furnishings. FSRE also brokers previously owned villas through our real estate brokerage dedicated to exclusively representing homes within Four Seasons Nevis. All the homes we sell are fully cared for and maintained by an expert team of local Nevisians that deliver the world-wide standard established by Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Resort Nevis opened on February 14, 1991 and after 27 years of hosting families in the Caribbean is undergoing a multi-phase renovation slated to touch all rooms of the resort, the great house and in 2019 a major overhaul of the swimming pool facilities. Renovations have been ongoing at the resort since it was purchased by new ownership on February 1, 2016.