Lime Beach Bar Nevis

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Lime - The place to dance on Friday nights in Nevis!

We have teamed up with blogger and travel writer Charli Moore to provide you with an insider’s guide to our beautiful island’s activities and attractions. She’ll also be reviewing Nevis’ varied array of eateries and beach bars. Here she talks to talks to Randy Jeffers, the owner of Lime Beach Bar located on Pinney’s Beach.

In the Caribbean to ‘lime’ is to perfect the art of doing nothing while chilling out with friends, and there’s no better place for group inactivity than Randy Jeffers’ Lime Beach Bar. Located on Pinney’s Beach overlooking Nevis’ sister island St. Kitts, the Lime Beach Bar stands out (literally) with its vibrant green exterior and everlasting aroma of freshly cooked pizza dough.

Opening Lime in 2009 Randy became Nevis’ youngest entrepreneur and has since expanded the business to include the Green Flash lounge, a rooftop cocktail bar run by vivacious patroness Jack, and late night reveler’s favorite the new pizza shack.

Start your night at this famous Caribbean beach bar with the signature Boobie Trap cocktail at the Green Flash lounge and watch as the sun sinks below the horizon leaving hues of ocher and peach in the sky. Next make your way downstairs and sample the delightful Nevisian cuisine on offer at Lime, then dance the night away to the sweet Soca sounds that spin from the DJ’s decks until dawn.

Lime Full

Quick fire questions with owner Randy:

What would you recommend to first time diners?
Randy says, “Our Nevis honey ginger-spiced BBQ ribs are a real hit with all who order them, so if you’re looking for a trust taste of the island you must give them a try. Our succulent lobster wraps are also very popular; great for a light bite before you hit the beach.”

Tell me something interesting about yourself:
“My first job (age 10) was at Sunshine’s Bar & Grill where I worked for 15 years before opening Lime. Also, my knick-name used to be “Vegas”, for reasons I’m sure you can fathom!”

What is your favorite place or activity on Nevis?
“Other than chilling out at Lime, I love to go to the Four Seasons Spa and unwind with a Swedish massage followed by a drink on the deck at the Mango restaurant.”

Cuisine: Nevisian/West Indian
Location: Pinney’s Beach, Nevis
Distance from the Four Seasons Resort: Just a 200m walk from along Pinney’s Beach
Opening hours: Daily during high season from 11am until …
Owner: Randy Jeffers
Contact: +1 869 662 9620