There’s no stress involved in owning a home at Four Seasons Resort Nevis. While you’re home or away, Four Seasons will look after every aspect of running your home – from housekeeping, landscaping, essential maintenance and repairs to renting out your villa while you’re away.

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Citizenship by Investment

Economic citizenship of St Kitts & Nevis

One of the many advantages of buying a home with Four Seasons Resort Estates is that you’ll immediately qualify for St Kitts & Nevis’s Citizenship by Investment program. Whether an existing villa, land or a share of the Villas at Pinney’s Beach your purchase will qualify.

You’ll then have dual nationality, gaining a St. Kitt’s & Nevis passport for you, as well as your spouse and any dependents. This gives you the benefit of visa-free travel to more than 130 countries, including the UK and other EU countries, as well as Switzerland.

Residency is not a requirement of the program, although if you are looking for a primary or secondary residence, you’ll find that Nevis is a safe, stable country with a friendly, educated population. There are no direct taxes, and the government offers a number of tax breaks.

Arriving at Nevis

Ownership Options

Own fractions or a Villa outright.

Investors can benefit from several ownership options, including one-tenth fractions of a three- or four-bedroom villa.

Our 1/10th villa shares are valued at $400,000 (excluding fees), and each one allows a complete family to qualify for citizenship of St Kitts & Nevis. Each share also gives you five weeks personal use of the villa every year. Choose the 1/4 villa share and spend up to 13 weeks on-island annually.

Four Seasons Resort Estates are there to make sure every aspect of ownership is hassle-free. Villas at Pinney’s Beach come fully furnished, the only thing you’ll need is a toothbrush! We’ll oversee everything from the design and construction, to rental and ongoing maintenance.

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Rental Management

Four Seasons can handle everything

If you’d like to rent out your property, you can do so without having to think about it. We’ll simply add your home to our well-established rental pool.

Four Seasons Resort Estates will manage the villa just like we do for our hotel, dealing with everything from marketing to maintenance. We’ll be responsible for the day-to-day running of the property, leaving you free to deal with planning your next adventure.

Owning a home at Four Seasons Resort Nevis gives you all the benefits of having a home in the Caribbean, with none of the worry.