Second Passport – No longer party trick

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Citizenship by Investment at Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis

New York Times columnist Pamela Druckerman recently became a French citizen, and wrote about the power of dual-nationality in her Op-Ed piece “An American Immigrant in Paris” published March 12, 2017. Druckerman writes “having a second passport no longer seems like a party trick” and while her US passport is “the ultimate guarantee of security”, she acquired French citizenship after living and paying taxes in France over a 13-year period.  More and more people are searching for second passports these days for fear of being uprooted from their homes, or governments restrictions on travel.

The Federation of St.Kitts and Nevis offers a more simple pathway to citizenship, through their Citizenship by Investment program founded in 1984. Buyers at Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis qualify for the Citizenship by Investment program with a purchase valued at $400,000 or more. The program offered by the Federation is highly regarded, with Nomad Capitalist recently ranking the passport 50th in the world just 15 points behind holders of a US Passport. The innovative program was developed in 1984 to provide economic stimulus to the nation, much in the same way the United States created the popular EB-5 program to stimulate investment. Holders of passports from  St. Kitts and Nevis can travel to over 132 nations visa free with the list of countries growing by the day. St. Kitts and Nevis scored higher than the US on issues such as taxation and ironically overall freedom.

Four Seasons Resort Nevis opened February 14, 1991 and has become one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean for resort visitors and the 81-homeowners from 25 different nations. Most buyers choose Nevis to be their island getaway and 2nd-home, while a handful have taken advantage of the Citizenship by Investment program through their qualifying purchase of real estate. Homes at Four Seasons Resort Nevis are managed and cared by the staff at Four Seasons, known world-wide for their meticulous attention to detail and legendary service standards. All homeowners become members of the resort club with unlimited golf on the Robert Trent Jones championship course, unlimited tennis at the Peter Burwash International tennis center, and have access to the largest beach of resort within the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis developed the award-winning Villas at Pinney’s Beach to meet the qualification requirements of the Citizenship by Investment program. Flexible ownership options are available from 1/10th fractional shares starting at $400,000 or whole ownership options from $2.9 million. Villas at Pinney’s Beach are located along the 4th fairway of the resort and are merely steps away from the beach club. The villas are qualified for the rental program at Four Seasons Resort, generating income for the homeowner and reducing annual carrying costs. “All of the Pinney’s Beach villas currently make enough money to cover their annual carrying costs” said Eric Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis. “It is an amazing program, our homeowners can visit Nevis and enjoy the resort for next to nothing,” remarked Johnson.

In today’s world having a second passport ensures a level of stability in an increasingly unstable political climate, and gives peace of mind when it comes to traveling. The benefits of Citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis aren’t just travel related, citizens enjoy no income or inheritance tax on their worldwide income.  Real estate at Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis is the premier product in the Federation and currently the only place where one can join an established community of homeowners operated by the prestigious Four Seasons brand.

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