Sunshine’s Bar & Grill

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​Charli Moore visits Sunshine's to give you a peek into this word-renowned Nevis beach bar

We have teamed up with blogger and travel writer Charli Moore to provide you with an insider’s guide to our beautiful island’s activities and attractions. She’ll also be reviewing Nevis’ varied array of eateries and beach bars; here she talks to Sunshine, owner of the iconic Sunshine’s Bar & Grill.

From humble beginnings as a one-man BBQ grill shack, Sunshine’s Bar & Grill has established itself as Nevis’ most favored ocean-front hangout. Specializing in locally caught and grilled seafood such as lobster and mahi-mahi, the fresh flavors and chilled West Indian ambiance of this iconic beach bar are popular not only with locals, but visitors and famous faces alike, Beyonce, John Travolta, Kevin Bacon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Mel Gibson have all dined here over the last 24 years.

Take a seat underneath the palm-thatched roof of the bar, slowly sip a Killer Bee (Sunshine’s notorious rum cocktail), and graze on a platter of locally caught seafood. Then pair the bar’s unparalleled views of St. Kitts with another Killer Bee (or three), and Sunshine’s will soon have you buzzing!

The warm colors of Sunshine’s Bar & Grill

Quick fire questions with Sunny

What would you recommend to first-time diners?
Sunny says, “You can’t beat our succulent Caribbean lobster, freshly caught, grilled, and served with a butter sauce. Of course, that’s after a glass or two of my infamous Killer Bee cocktail! It’s a Nevisian institution in its own right!”

Tell me something interesting about yourself:
“I started my business in 1991 with just $40. My first customers were the construction workers building the now well-established Four Seasons Resort.”

What is your favorite place or activity on Nevis?
“Born in the Federation I enjoy visiting the heritage landmarks dotted across the islands. My favorites on Nevis are the Hermitage Plantation House and the Alexander Hamilton House which is home to the Museum of Nevis. Did you know that Nevisian born Founding Father Alexander Hamilton graces the face of the US $10 bill?”

Cuisine: Nevisian/West Indian and Seafood
Location: Pinneys Beach, Nevis
Distance from the Four Seasons: Just a 200m walk from the front of the hotel along Pinneys Beach
Opening hours: Daily from 10am until …
Owner: Sunshine
Contact: +1 869 469 5817

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Photo Credits – Tara Leigh