The Allure of White Sands

  •  Latest News  •  Life on Nevis  •  Nevis Travel Guides  •  14 December 2015

There's a pristine beach for every occasion on the tiny island of Nevis

Whether you’re looking for some rough and tumble in the surf, to swim alongside turtles or build sandcastles with your children, there’s a beach for every occasion on Nevis. Each of the island’s slices of paradise have their unique pleasure and purpose; here, we start at the white sands of the Four Seasons and work our way clockwise to the laid back ‘liming’ of Pinney’s bars.

Right on your doorstep, the Four Seasons has the best snorkelling the island has to offer.  Head out from the beach that stretches before the resort, and chances are you’ll find yourself face to face with turtles, flamboyant fish, and dashes of colourful coral.

Walk along to Paradise Beach and paddle in the shallows, keeping your eyes peeled for intricate sand dollars. A top tip to help you preserve these delicate finds is to coat one side of them in clear nail varnish.

Further, along you’ll find Cades Bay, its gently sloping shelf making it the perfect beach for swimming. Low-flying pelicans swoop over the ripples, and conch shells line the ocean floor.

For a nostalgic afternoon, there’s nothing quite like sifting through shells on the tideline to whisk you back to the simple days of childhood, and Shell Beach is the best place on the island for fabulous finds. It’s tucked away down a narrow, overgrown track opposite the Nevis Golf Association.

Just fifteen minutes’ drive from the Four Seasons is Oualie Beach, with shallow waters, a protective bay and plenty of shade from obliging palms. Oualie is far and away the best beach for families with children.

Head to Lovers Beach near the airport if you’re seeking some romantic seclusion. It offers an inviting stretch of private corners, and there’s also a good chance of encountering turtles if you venture into the warm waters.

On the west coast, there is New River, less a beach and more an opportunity to witness dramatic coastal scenery. This is also an ancient Arawak Indian site, and there’s still a reasonable possibility of finding dulled shards of coloured pottery.

Windward Beach, on the unsheltered side of the island, is the rough and wild beach where you can go surfing and be bowled over by the waves. There are no lifeguards on duty and there’s a vicious  undertow so bear that in mind before enthusiastically launching yourself back into your youth.

If you want to spend time with the locals, head to the lively and lovely Gallows Bay in Charlestown.

Finally, there’s Pinney’s Beach with its plethora of beach bars. This is one of the best places to head for sundowners, and is a picturesque ten minute stroll along the sand from the Four Seasons. The Nevis notion of liming is redefined here, the laid back nature of the locals an intoxicating and addictive trend. Sunday afternoons are particularly memorable as locals gather en masse for beach barbecues and spontaneous games of cricket with friends and family.


Jane Thomas is a freelance writer who has loved spending the last month on the beautiful island of Nevis. She is creating a series of pieces for the Four Seasons Resort Estates, exploring the unique charms and corners of an island that will inevitably draw her back time and time again.