Tropical Storm Erika

  •  Latest News  •  On-site News  •  28 August 2015

Mild storm brought needed rain to the Nevis and resort

Tropical Storm Erika passed through Nevis yesterday. Rain started in the middle of day, along with breezy winds that brought some cooler temperatures. The rain persisted throughout the day at Four Seasons Resort Estates, subsiding in the middle of night as Erika left the West Indies. The winds were strong enough to knock deadfall off most of the trees and as of this morning the team is hard at work cleaning it up.


Our daily real estate villa tour was cancelled yesterday out of an abundance of caution. Most if not all homes were storm prepped last week before Hurricane Danny fizzled out. With Erika following quickly behind Villa operations made the prudent decision to keep all villas in a state of readiness.

My video on you tube was taken at two separate times of the day, the first portion around 1:30 PM from the lobby of Four Seasons Resort. The 2nd portion was shot just before sunset from the dock looking south towards Sunshine’s and Charlestown.

View my video here

Most water taxis and ferry’s are expected to return to service today. The weather in Nevis this morning is slightly overcast and little to no wind.

The radar map from 8/27 as of 3:10 PM local time.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 3.20.08 PM (1)