Villas at Pinney’s Beach – Shares available!

  •  Buying Real Estate on Nevis  •  Latest News  •  17 March 2020

1/10th fractional shares available for immediate purchase

The Villas at Pinney’s Beach is the most recent development completed by Four Seasons Resort Estates (FSRE) and is the most successful example of the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program within the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. From 2014 we have completed the development of  seven fractionally owned villas that epitomize the experience available as a Resort Mlub Member in Nevis.

The Citizenship by Investment Program enables foreign nationals to gain their citizenship through Real Estate Investment.  The benefits of citizenship to the island include a number of tax and foreign travel benefits that includes visa free entry to over 130 countries worldwide. All purchases above $400,000 at FSRE qualify for the CBI program. Real Estate Investors must maintain their investment for 5 years before they can sell their property whilst retaining their citizenship. After this time has passed, the investment can be put up for sale and the investor will keep their citizenship regardless. The 5-year program requires a minimum investment of $400,000.

Almost all of the share owners have decided to keep their shares in the Villas at Pinney’s Beach after the five year hold period has eclipsed. This is testament to the Four Seasons brand, the high-quality of the homes built and shows the satisfaction the fractional share owners have gained through their purchase. It also shows that these are far from just investment properties, the villas will be the venues for the shareholders to make memories with their friends and their families.

A select few of the share owners have decided to put their shares up for sale which will provide the opportunity to become full Resort Club Members and experience the atmosphere, the amenities and opulence that make the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis.

Available in 1/10th shares, owners have access to the full Resort Club experience for just 10% of the ownership costs.

With availability limited, and offers already incoming, get in touch with our Sales Executive Tom Osborn to take your first step to living the Caribbean life.